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Before sketching out together the present and future of La Poya, let us honour the area’s rich history.


After more than 70 years of dedicated and distinguished service of the Caserne de la Poya (Poya Barracks), the army returned the keys of the site to Canton Fribourg in 2023. From now on, it’s up to us all to invent the future of this place of military history!


Do you have projects for an association, a group of inhabitants of the Canton of Fribourg, or a company? Share your ideas, needs and desires with us!

Let’s Reinvent La Poya Together!

The Caserne de la Poya (Poya Barracks), an army training and command centre for over 70 years, has shaped the Swiss and Fribourg military history.

Today, the Canton of Fribourg has taken back possession of the site and is preparing the future of this huge plot on the edge of town. Indeed, the area with the buildings extends over 45,000 m2, to which are added the 55’000 m2 of the neighbouring park!


for the Interim Period

Initially, the premises will be offered in their current state for rental for Fribourg associations, groups of inhabitants, companies or students for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Do you have an idea or a project?
We invite you to fill in the form to tell us about your needs (until 30 April 2024).

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to Write Together

After that, the future of La Poya is a huge carte blanche, and we invite you to invent together a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood for the organisations and inhabitants of Fribourg, where new bonds will be forged.

To share your point of view, fill in the form to take part in the participatory workshop on March 21 (at 6 pm); please note that we will select participants to ensure there is a diverse and representative group.

Registration is now closed.




29 May 2024
Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June 2024
Caserne de la Poya

Belluard Bollwerk Festival

TANIA EL KHOURY & ZIAD ABU-RISHLB / PS The Search for Power Installation & Performance

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21 March 2024
Participatory approach to the Poya district

On 21 March 2024, some 120 people attended a "participatory approach" to the future Poya district.

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22 February 2024
State Councillor Jean-François Steiert and Municipal Councillor Elias Moussa gave the first symbolic brushstrokes

He points out that the Poya site is entering a transitional period: the buildings will be kept as they are, but opened up to other users such as small businesses or associations.

In a second phase, the canton will conduct a participatory procedure with the city's residents to define a project for the site.

> Video of the press briefing
13 December 2023
The "Rendez-vous Poya" event

The transition of this site from the Confederation to the State of Fribourg was celebrated in the courtyard of the barracks, which opened up to the civilian population for the first time. The ceremony took place on December 13, 2023.

The official ceremony was attended by State Councillors Philippe Demierre and Jean-François Steiert, Fribourg Municipal Councillor Elias Moussa and Colonel EMG Christophe Schalbetter, Commander of Coordination Office 1.


Poya barracks site
Barracks 1 and Officers Pavilion
Barracks 2
Workshop and Garages
Command Centre
HUM (Multiple-Use Hall)
Building interiors

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