Participatory approach to the Poya district

21 March 2024

On 21 March 2024, some 120 people attended a "participatory approach" to the future Poya district.


A look back at the participatory meeting held on Thursday 21 March 2024.

The transition of the Poya barracks began in 2023 with the departure of the army. On Thursday 21 March 2024, the population was invited to a participatory meeting to discuss the future of the barracks. During this meeting, collaborative workshops were organised to reflect on the future of the site.

The workshops covered two phases of the project: the transitional phase and the permanent phase. Participants discussed a range of themes, including housing, entertainment, meeting spaces, consumption, density, green spaces and sustainability.

The conclusions and reflections of this meeting will complement the work already underway and strengthen the specifications of the preliminary study. The results will be presented to the Strategic Committee this autumn. A public procedure will be launched in 2025.

A look back at the participatory meeting held on 21 March 2024

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